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'Beautiful Dancers'? NEVER! 
Christ in me ... there is no place I would rather be(IN HIM I LIVE AND MOVE...I live in a WORLD WITHOUT WALLS! I AM UNSTOPPABLE!)

The Holy Ghost raised me up in place of a father. The day I got born again, my heart burned with a VERY HEART FIRE ...then I wanted to preach the gospel to every human being in the world(as a child I thought the world was as small as my village) ...with uncontrolable sobs while still on my knees with little strength left in me...I muttered "Lord I will reach the entire world WITH YOU...all I need is YOU WITH ME(as a child, I thought, since He is a Spirit  that he needed a human body to carry him everyhere... Oh! What child-like faith, with all innocence in me...I really wanted to help Him move everywhere with me as the vehicle !Suddenly, strength pulled me up on my feet and I heard a voice said: YES I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS . GO!"(I thought it was from my stomach because my stomach rumbled)... I remember telling Him that my greatest fear was to be left behind during the Rapture (because that preacher scared me those days)...and he said to me : you'll know when the rapture is near, when my return is close because this fire will be there..."  That was in 1999 when I got born again...》fast forward...years later He told me to GO ONLINE(another day's talk), just after Church Service...HE SHOWED UP IN MY ROOM...that same VOICE OF FIRE rattled again in my stomach...burned in my heart SO HOT and said  many things to me...but conclude by saying"...YOU LIVE IN A #WORLDWITHOUTWALLS ,GO!" FOR I AM IN YOU!

We will do the unimaginable in this #ReachOutWorld .
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